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Focused on the Hunter

A Hushmaster suppressor does not use conventional baffles so it can be cleaned using a bore snake as often as you like.  No other cleaning is necessary.  We believe in products that are both durable and effective. 

Scaled Tube Functionality

The scale pattern incorporated into our outer tube provides an effective grip to both tighten and loosen the suppressor from your host firearm.  It also really enhances the appearance as well.

Designed without baffles to deliver most sound suppression at the shooter's ear with a lower tone sound signature that is more comfortable to the human ear.  Not all decibel reduction is alike.

Lifetime Warranty

We build our suppressors from high quality corrosion resistant material in-house at our manufacturing facility in Denton, Texas.  If your Hushmaster suppressor ever fails due to a defect in manufacturing, we will repair or replace your unit.  We stand behind every product that leaves our manufacturing facility.  Proud to be

Made in America


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Easy to Clean

We are the only known suppressor on the market that you can clean with a bore snake.  No baffles makes cleaning a breeze.

TSA Approved Lockable

Hard-shell Case

Why Choose Hushmaster?

Shooter's Ear Performance

The hard-shelled case contains interior foam you can customize for use with multiple suppressors, a handgun, or any other firearm related item you may want to carry.  Includes water resistant rubber seal, easy open latches, and locks can be added for securing during transport.

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